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Gear Review: Tembotusk Adventure Skottle

Gear Review by Crankshaft Culture's Mercedes Lilienthal

When you think of camp cooking setups, what do envision? Do you think of the two-burner Coleman stove you inherited from your grandpa, or the heavy cast iron pots and pans you lug along to make your camp meal? Maybe scratched-up bargain basement Teflon pans? Perhaps just freeze-dried backpacking meals you pop into a bowl so you avoid the whole cooking thing altogether? Well, there are new ways of camp cooking. We introduce to you Tembo Tusk and its Adventure Skottle.

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Outside Magazine

5 Clever Camp Accessories You've Likely Never Heard Of

Here at Outside, we like to think we have our fingers on the gear pulse, but at the recent Overland Expo West, we saw lots of new, smart products that were new to us

The TemboTusk Skottle is one example of innovative gear originating in overlanding that can cross into other outdoor camping activities.    Photo: Christopher D. Thompson

Leave it to the vendors who showed up at Overland Expo West to surprise us with some of the most inventive gear we’ve never seen. Some we covered in our roundup of rigs, but we wanted to dedicate another overview to the inventive camping accessories we found. What follows are five pieces of gear anyone—overlander or not—can use to have a better time living outside.

TemboTusk Skottle Grill

We’ll always be fans of the classic Coleman two-burner stove, but now we’re also hooked on these grills (seen above). They originated in South Africa and are having a moment in the United States. The grilling surface resembles a flatter wok, making it ideal for cooking anything from bacon and pancakes to steaks and veggies. The surface comes preseasoned, so you can start cooking immediately. The grill sits on three legs about three to four feet off the ground—just hang a Coleman bottle and burner combo (sold separately) below to create heat. All the legs come off so the grill packs down into a portable package.


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Dirt Road Trip

What’s Your Preferred Cooking Method?

I am quite sure everyone loves to eat while they are overlanding, but what do you use to cook?

For the longest time we just used a Coleman 2 burner stove during our adventures, and that seems to be norm in the community. Although when my husband heard about the TemboTusk Cooking Skottle, he would not stop talking about how he wanted one. Well, I ended up getting him one for Christmas last year.

At first it just sat by our backdoor waiting for the warmer weather of spring to use for the camping season, until, one day, he decided he should probably test it out before we actually tried it on a camping trip. Well folks, cooking outdoors has never been the same or with such easy cleanup!

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Cooking with Farm Equipment

Cooking With Farm Equipment

By Scott Hunt

In this, our latest (and only) episode of "Cooking with Farm Equipment" we will be tilling a field prior to sowing our crops using a disc harrow borrowed from our friend, Jerry L'Ecuyer... This important implement will not only break up our soil, chop up old weeds and crop remains, but later it will also help us make one hell of a good cheeseburger. You heard me.


Photo credit: Sam Moore Oct, 2009 borrowed from Farmcollector.com http://www.farmcollector.com/implements/disc-blades-spurred-steel-processes.aspx

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