LONG LEG TemboTusk Skottle Grill Kit



TemboTusk Skottle Grill Kit: 36" LONG LEG version

*(Original 28" legs are not included in this kit.)  

Everthing you need to order in one place. 

The KIT contains:             
1: Skottle Grill with Long Legs  (legs shipped separately)                       
2: 10,000 BTU Single Burner     

3: Skottle Carry Bag 


(Ships in two boxes)      Skottle Kit in one box and Long Legs in a second box.          


The TemboTusk Skottle can be used to cook anything at home or while camping. 

The grill is fabricated in the USA and comes per-seasoned so it can be used immediately.  The Skottle is designed around an inexpensive "Coleman style" single burner.  The burner simply hangs in the frame under the bottom of the Skottle pan.  The legs are removable.   The carry bag will hold the Skottle pan, burner and up to four 16oz gas bottles.  The legs have a separate storage bag with a Velcro closure. 


*Green leg bag & 28" legs are not included. 
Gas bottles are not included.  
Nick not included. 




Patent number: 9,993,112

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