BuzzyWaxx Skottle Pan Conditioner



 BuzzyWaxx Skottle Pan Conditioner  

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TemboTusk and BuzzyWaxx have teamed up to bring you a way to condition, re-season and generally maintain your
Skottle Grill pans.   

BuzzyWaxx blends high end Grapeseed Oil with Canola Oil, then add just the right amount of Beeswax! Both Grapeseed and Canola have a high smoke point for seasoning and will give an amazing finish and solid cooking slickness. The blend is like no other on the market today! Take the BuzzyWaxx challenge and see for yourself. We don't claim to be the first but we stand behind our product being the best in its category of seasoning products offered to cast iron and Skottle grill users. 

TemboTusk has transferred the BuzzyWaxx puck into Overland friendly aluminum tin container. The wax can be used for complete seasoning or just for touch ups. The wax goes a long way, so a little bit is all you need when seasoning, conditioning or touching up. 

The tin will not take up too much room in your vehicle or Skottel carry bag, as the container measures 2.25" x 1".  

Seasoning and conditioning instructions included.

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Skottle in photos not included

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