What Stove Should I buy or use????



Decisions,  Decisions, Decisions ...

The Adventure Skottle Grill was originally designed around the MSR-DragonFly stove.  The DragonFly stove is considered as one of the most popular adventure travel stoves in the world.  However, it does have some drawbacks and it might not be the best stove for you when using the Adventure Skottle.   Below we have listed the stoves that will work with the Adventure Skottle and our opinion of which will work best.  Our list of stoves may grow in time as we test new stoves and develop additional adapters.  The Pros and Cons listed with each stove below is in relationship to its use with the Adventure Skottle Grill only.


7000-10,000 BTU rating is one of the requirements for a stove to be considered appropriate for use with the Adventure Skottle.  We have found lower BTU rated stoves do not heat the Skottle pan sufficiently.  Although one almost never uses these stove on full blast. It is nice to have the power in reserve.


The MSR Dragonfly is a liquid fuel stove with a great blend between convenience and functionality. One of its strongest qualities is its excellent simmer control, but it can also pump out heat, which is nice for fast boil times. It can also be used with a variety of different fuels when traveling internationally. 

No adapter needed; clips on the bottom of the Skottle pan.
More than enough power or BTUs.
Wide flame pattern
Liquid fuel (white gas, unleaded gas, diesel, vodka etc.

Large stove
Liquid fuel
Dirty burning depending on fuel
Finicky to use
Expensive to buy.

The Jetboil MightyMo stove is a great blend of the power and size. It uses a propane/butane gas canister for fuel. Easily adapts to the Adventure Skottle pan.  The entire stove when closed will fit in the palm of your hand.  It is rated at 10,000 BTUs and has a controllable flame output.

Simple adapter, allows stove to easily clip to the bottom of the Skottle pan
Canister fuel
Strong flame
Easy to use
Small, light weight.  Stores anywhere.
Inexpensive to buy

Narrow flame pattern.
Flame is jet like and heat is very concentrated in one place


MSR SuperFly stove is a compact stove with a very wide flame pattern.  Perfect for heating up the Skottle.  As any MSR stove, it does not have a BTU rating, but a Google search sets it around 10,000 BTUs. The stove uses a propane/butane mix gas canister for fuel and has a controllable flame output.

A TemboTusk made adapter works to secure the stove to the Adventure Skottle
Canister fuel
Strong wide pattern flame     
Easy to use with piezo electric start
Adjustable flame control and simmer.
Burner head removable for easy storage

A little bulky unless the burner head is removed.
A bit expensive



What stove does TemboTusk recommend?

Out of the three stove listed above, we recommend the MSR SuperFly stove.   After testing all the above burners, the SuperFly worked the best.  It is a simple old style stove and the wide flame pattern heats up the Adventure Skottle best for cooking.  It is the stove the owner of TemboTusk uses in his Adventure Skottle.


Arguably, the DragonFly is the best stove, and if you have a need for liquid fuel such as international travel where a canister is hard to come by or you travel by motorcycle; the DragonFly will be best. Many adventure motorcycle riders like a stove that can use the bike’s unleaded gas as fuel.  It save on space.


The Jetboil MightyMo is a very good stove and we like it a lot.  Its only drawback is the narrow flame pattern.  The MightyMo stove concentrates its heat on the small center of the pan causing hot spots if set to high.

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